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  • Jana Messerschmidt

    Jana Messerschmidt

    Investor @ Lightspeed, #ANGELS Founding Partner. Alum of @Twitter, @Netflix & @eceILLINOIS.

  • Alex Taussig

    Alex Taussig

    Partner at Lightspeed. Boards: AWA, Daily Harvest, Faire, Forage, Flockjay, Outschool, Zola. Prior: thredUP, RentJuice/$Z, $TWOU, $CBLK. Writes firehose.vc.

  • Lightspeed


    Serving multi-stage companies on a mission to build the future. Tomorrow, Built Today. http://medium.com/lightspeed-venture-partners

  • Spoofy McSpoofface

    Spoofy McSpoofface

    100% Shit-backed Token

  • Tayler Lonsdale

    Tayler Lonsdale

    Supporting Argive, www.argive.org, a 501(c)(3) that collects citizen feedback on regulations to provide structured data insights for policymakers.

  • Helen Greiner

    Helen Greiner

    Robot Enthusiast, MIT alum, co-founder iRobot, Founder CyPhy Works.

  • Paul Graham

    Paul Graham

  • Matthew Putman

    Matthew Putman

    CEO of Nanotronics, a company that is revolutionizing industry by combining Super resolution, AI and robotics to make the worlds most advanced microscope.

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