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Kevin Caldwell. Co-founder, President & CEO of Ossium Health

Alice Lloyd George: Welcome to the latest episode of the podcast. I’m excited to introduce Kevin Caldwell. He is the founder of Ossium Health. They are building the world’s first bank of on-demand bone marrow stem cells for transplant. These cell therapy products can cure leukemia, blood cancers and aid in organ transplantation. Ossium is backed by top firms, including First Round and Village Global. I’m excited to get into the rise of Cellicon Valley. Thanks for joining.

Kevin Caldwell: Thanks for having me.

ALG: Also shout out to Isaac Silverman, the person we…

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Adam Arrigo, co-founder and CEO, Wave

Alice Lloyd George: Welcome. Today’s guest is Adam Arrigo, co-founder and CEO of Wave — a live, interactive, immersive concert platform that is revolutionizing how artists express themselves and how fans connect. I’ve known Adam since we met in 2016 at Game Developers Conference. I loved his energy and vision. Full disclosure for my enthusiasm — I invested in the seed round of Wave, led the Series A and was on the board while at RRE Ventures. I’ve also invested in the company from my new fund Rogue, alongside somewhat bigger names like Justin…

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Alex Bisignano, founder and CEO of Phosphorus

Alice Lloyd George: Welcome to the latest episode of Flux. This is the first episode recorded remotely during pandemic times, so it’s an experiment. Myself, my guest, and producer Dan are all distributed.

Alex Bisignano: It’s great to be here.

ALG: Alex studied molecular biology at Princeton, where we met. After graduating he founded a clinical genomics company called Recombine, which sold in 2016. He’s now building Phosphorus, a full stack genomics as a service company. So Phosphorus has been doing genetic testing for a while. But what’s really interesting is how…

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Andrea (Andy) Coravos founder of Elektra Labs

Alice Lloyd George: To kick off the year I have Andrea Coravos with us. Andy is the founder and CEO of Elektra Labs, a company focused on a future of consumer medicine that’s both data-driven and secure. The company just closed $2.9 million in seed funding. Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of wearables and sensors in healthcare. How accurate are these monitoring tools? And how secure are they from hackers? Elektra is cataloguing these distributed devices and has created benchmarks for pharma companies, doctors and device makers. In…

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LaTurbo Avedon

ALG: Welcome to the latest episode of Flux. I am excited to introduce LaTurbo Avedon. LaTurbo is an avatar and artist originating in virtual space, per her website and online statement. Her works can be described as research into dimensions, deconstructions, and explosion of forms exploring topics of virtual authorship and the physicality of the Internet. LaTurbo has exhibited all over the world from Peru to Korea to the Whitney in New York. I’m thrilled to have her on the show. Metaphorically of course. It’s just me here in the studio. LaTurbo…

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ALG: Welcome listeners to the latest installment of Flux. I’m excited to be here with Matt Cauble today. That’s my British pronunciation of your name.

MC: Yes. My name is Welsh actually.

ALG: Oh wow. We’re going to have to get into that. Nobody has said that to me in a podcast. Exciting. And already digressing. Matt is the co-founder and president of Kin Euphorics, a New York based company. Welcome.

MC: Thank you. It’s great to be here.

ALG: So I don’t know a ton about your background before what you’re doing now…

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Eric Marcotulli

ALG: Welcome everyone to the latest episode of Flux. I’m excited to have Eric Marcotulli here today. He is the co-founder and CEO of Elysium Health a company that is rethinking healthcare whose first product is a science based supplement that promotes cellular health. Welcome.

EM: Thank you.

ALG: Appreciate it. I’ve been excited about your company for a long time. It’s nice to meet in person.

EM: Likewise.

ALG: As a New York based VC it’s also great to meet New York based companies, especially science focused companies. I’d love to start by…

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Isaac Cohen

AMLG: I’m excited to have Isaac Cohen here today — he goes by Cabbibo on the internet. I’ve been a longtime follower of his work and he’s become a friend through the Wave VR and the content that he puts on their platform. He’s an XR artist technologist and has published a number of otherworldly audio-visual objects and experiences, everything from rainbow membranes and jelly crystals to reverberating ethereal beings and swimming fish eyeballs — we’ll get into it and I’ll share visuals. Isaac has a fascinating background in physics and interface design. He’s…

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Alban Denoyel CEO of Sketchfab (by Pascal Perich)

AMLG: Our guest today is Alban Denoyel. He is the founder and CEO of Sketchfab a hub for 3D content on the internet. The company was founded in 2012 and is based between New York and Paris. I haven’t caught up with you for some time, it’s great to see you again. I believe you had a baby girl in the last few months?

AD: Three months ago.

AMLG: Congratulations. …

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Thomas Reardon, co-founder and CEO of CTRL-labs

AMLG: I’m excited to have Thomas Reardon on the show today. He is the co-founder and CEO of CTRL-labs a company building the next generation of non-invasive neural computing here in Manhattan. He’s just cycled from uptown — thanks for coming down here to Chinatown. Reardon was previously the founder of a startup called Avegadro, which was acquired by Openwave. He also spent time at Microsoft where he was project lead on Internet Explorer. He’s one of the founders of the Worldwide Web Consortium, a body that has established many of the standards that…

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